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Your visit to this site demonstrates the ubiquitous nature of the Internet and its potential for connecting people and ideas.

Today's technology is truly amazing, and we like to use technology to its maximum potential. Does your website do what you want it to? It can, it should, and it will! Whether you need a simple personal site, an expansive business hub, or a custom-programmed solution, you can trust Reitz Internet to do the job right.

Take a minute to check out our services and portfolio, and drop us a line if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting!

Social Media
Social media is becoming a vital part
of online marketing and business.

Social Media

Websites used to be fairly simple, static things. Many businesses used their websites to post some basic info about the company, hours, directions, and whatnot.

Increasingly, businesses and organizations are using social media to maintain a steady stream of information about what's going on. Clients, prospective clients, partners, and anyone else can then keep up-to-date by following your streams.

Need a custom facebook application, or automated tweets sent right from your site? No problem. If you want to use social networks to reach new clients, send live updates about products and promotions, or find new and innovative ways to build your web presence through social media, Reitz Internet can help.

Bold Designs

Studies show that the average user reads only 25% of the text on a web page, and the average time spent on a page is about 30 seconds. With so little time to get your message across, a interesting and unusual look for your website will go a long way to captivate attention.

Some businesses and companies have an established "look" - a logo, slogan, artwork, images, and style they are using in their print marketing and advertising. Others do not, or want to transition in a new direction. Either way, Reitz Internet will work with you to make your online presence look the way you want.

Video and audio are powerful ways to present your message

Media Solutions

Radio and television, just like the web, are technologies that blend technological advance with wide-reaching social innovation. As fast as they grew, the Internet is growing even faster. Sites like YouTube prove that people still love to watch and hear, even more than they like to read.

Creating, converting, uploading, and integrating audio and video into your website can be a hassle - but Reitz Internet can help. From YouTube integration to custom audio and video players and libraries, we've got you covered.

Give your organization a voice and a face. Let people watch your demo, or hear your advice, instead of just reading about it!

What your website can do is just as important as how it looks.

Integrated Functionality

As web technologies evolve, people constantly find ways to do new things online. In the 1990s, online credit card processing changed the game, giving businesses a much larger reach than ever before.

Today, it is possible for a website to do many things, including:

  • Collect, store, and use any kind of information in efficient online databases
  • Manage communications via email, chat, video, forums, comments, and more
  • Restrict access to specific information for specific individuals
  • Integrate with other software systems and services

Reitz Internet has the knowledge and the tools to build web software from the ground up - just the way you want it.

Open Source
We support open source software development

Open Source

In the world of software development, opinions are divided about how to best monetize code. Traditionally, companies have sold or rented software as a product, but there is a fast-growing trend toward open source software - software which is freely available. In this model, developers make money by providing support, maintenance, and customization as a paid service.

There are many advantages to open source software, but one of the biggest is that it usually has many, many more programmers developing it - which means more good ideas, a faster implementation time, and more eyes to catch troublesome bugs!

Reitz Internet supports the philosophy behind open source software. We use and contribute to many open source projects, and even have a few of our own. For more info, check out our open source software page.

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