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Content Services

The purpose of a website is present information to a visitor - text, images, audio, and video that convey details about your company, product, or service. Especially for websites that will have more than just a few pages, it's important to plan the best way to present your content so it will be easy to find and fun to consume.

Reitz Internet can help plan the content of your website in the following ways:

Sitemap Development

Creating a sitemap is the process of planning the content your website will present and breaking it down into a hierarchical structure of pages. Careful thought and planning must be put into this process to ensure that your site is easy to navigate.

Content Management Tools

In addition to design and development, websites need to be maintained. Reitz Internet provides its clients with state-of-the-art content management tools which make adding and updating content on your website very easy.

Layout, Formatting, & Typography

A good design makes a website give a good first impression, but good typography and formatting will make it a pleasure to stay and read for a while. Make sure your content is clean and readable to keep users engaged.

Media Services

A modern website is a bit drab without media - images, audio, and video that grab your attention. Reitz Internet provides media services such as image editing, audio editing and production, video encoding, and more!